Call for institutional representatives

The next step for NYWiS will be selecting institutional representatives who will help us maintain connections between their home institution and NYWiS and serve on NYWiS committees that will organize events or initiatives. We would like to have 1-2 representatives from each institution who are preferably already involved in their institution’s Women in Science group. However, we understand that there are institutions without formal groups. As a result, we have included the contact information for the individuals from your institution who expressed interest in NYWiS and we hope that this will serve as a launching point for either a formal or informal WiS group.

We ask that institutional representatives be selected by August 23rd and email NYWiS with the following information:
1) Name, email, position, and institution
2) Ranked committee interests from the following:
– professional development (skill-based workshops)
– career exploration (panels to learn about different fields)
– networking (inter-institutional and/or NYC area)
– mentoring (special topics, work/life balance)
– advocacy (gender bias, diversity, institutional policy)
– outreach (encourage younger women to pursue science, may collaborate with other programs)
3) Preference for leadership roles, if any. We have two potential leadership roles that include:
– Committee chair (oversees committee organization and is part of the NYWiS board)
– NYAS representative (Liaison between the committee and the NYAS for organizational/administrative support. Also is part of the NYWiS board. The same person can serve as both committee chair and NYAS representative, if desired.)

We would greatly appreciate your continued support in expanding the NYWiS network by assisting us in reaching out to institutions that we have been unable to contact. If you personally know of any women who would be interested in this group from the following institutions, please contact them and put them in touch with us.

Institutions without established contacts:
– CUNY Graduate Center
– Queens College
– NYU Polytechnic Institute
– Rutgers University
– Stevens Institute of Technology
– Princeton Universty
– Stony Brook University
– American Museum of Natural History

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in the development of NYWiS. With your support, we hope to greatly impact the landscape for early career women pursuing STEM fields. If you have any questions about being an institutional representative, serving on a committee, or reaching out to other institutions, please don’t hesitate to email us at


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