New Announcements for Jan 2014

NYWiSTEM has some exciting announcements for Jan 2014 that we would love to share with all of you!

First, we have open positions on our council! Participating in NYWiSTEM means not only helping us come up with amazing programming, but also giving you the chance to meet other NYWiSTEM members and learn more about the NYC STEM landscape!

We are looking for the following roles:

1) Publicity Committee Members
Responsibilities: Assist with publicity and digital content management, oversee social media, website development, newsletter, and our new blog.

2) Professional Development Committee Chair
Responsibilities: Oversee the professional development committee to plan events centered on providing professional development opportunities for women graduate students and postdocs pursuing various careers in the STEM fields.

Second, we also now have an email list! Sign up directly to receive our newsletter and updates about our group! You can subscribe here:

Third, don’t forget to take the NYWiSTEM survey on childcare and parental leave for postdocs and grad students. It takes between 5-10 minutes, and the data will be used to advocate for improvements parental leave and child care policies for research institutions across the NYC area! Both men and women are encouraged to participate. The survey can be found here:

Fourth, if you missed our “Perspectives in STEM” with Dr. Laurie Leshin, check out our event archive for a summary of the event. NYAS members should also be able to access the webinar archive of the event soon.




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