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Committee Chairs
Committee Chairs are responsible for overseeing the organization of events for their committee and working with their committee members. Chairs meet bi-monthly with the NYWiSTEM leadership to communicate their progress and provide suggestions/feedback to the leadership and other committee chairs. Committee chairs must commit to at least one year in their position and may not serve on multiple committees.

Outreach, Career Exploration, Professional Development,

Committee Members
Committee members are responsible for organizing programming with their committee chair. Responsibilities vary between committee types, but can include tasks such as identifying and contacting partners for events, organizing specific aspects of an event, suggest event ideas, etc. Committee members may serve on multiple committees if they wish.

All committees

Institutional Representatives
Institutional representatives are responsible for advertising NYWiSTEM events to their individual institutions. They are also responsible for providing feedback to NYWiSTEM from their institution, Institutional representatives must be familiar with their institution’s administration and relevant Women’s groups at their institution. Institutional representatives may additionally serve as committee chairs or committee members. Multiple representatives are permitted per institution.

Please check this page to see if your institution is currently represented.